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    We love all kinds of puzzles. There is nothing more satisfying than finding the missing element, uncovering the pattern that makes it work, or fitting in that last piece to finally see the complete picture. Success and goal achievement are life’s puzzles.


    It takes multiple disciplines working together to successfully execute and achieve a goal. Each one of our practice areas - working in together - are essential to sustainable execution. Sure, through sheer determination and grit you may be able to get things done with one of the pieces missing. For long-term growth however, you need to be aware of how each area fits together, where your strengths are, and how to uniquely create your whole.

  • Move Your Vision into Action

    We design strategy, implement programs, and develop teams
    creating cultures that generate good, profitable business.

    The STRATEGY Synthesizer

    Envision. Focus. Act.

    Without knowing WHERE you want to go, you’ll end up nowhere. Without a strategy – knowing the path – everything else falls completely flat. Everyone will work for their own purposes vs. the purpose and goals of the team. Processes are implemented that end up being overhead vs. efficiencies. Rock Stars are discovered but end up being one hit wonders.

    We facilitate creating your team’s mission and break it into 90-day micro-strategies. In doing this, we lay the path between corporate vision and grassroots movements. We not only develop a strategic blueprint, but we also identify an actionable roadmap and implementation plan.

    The PROCESS Optimizer

    Create Peak Performance - Agile Adoption and Best Practice Implementation

    Peak performance is experienced in a state of flow. In order for your team to sustainably perform at its peak, we set up an environment – physical, interpersonal, process – in which they can experience flow. One of the three primary conditions for flow is clarity and structure without the restraint of control. We work with you to provide just enough structure to unleash creative innovation.

    No matter where you are on a scale of ‘anything goes’ to ‘process heavy’, we observe and find the natural order in your environment, then we work with you to develop a practice of continuous improvement.

    We can help you:

    • Make small tweaks to the way you currently work that yield the greatest outcome
    • Overhaul your current software development life cycle or project management methodology to adapt proven traditions and current trends
    • Or anything in between
    Unleash Your Team's Potential

    The TEAM Accelerator

    Create Teams that Over Achieve and Out Perform

    Turn around troubled or 'stuck' teams. Create teams that over achieve and out perform. Build momentum and deliver on your commitment. Our programs deliver insight and tools to upgrade cultures, lead change, and create conscious companies that generate good, profitable business.


    We believe in the powerful, unlimited possibility of what happens when people work together. We learn about your strengths and discover opportunities to elevate your team to the next level. What we do is then solely dependent on what we discover together.

    Whether it is fun or fortitude you need, we are here. A sampling of the services we provide are:

    •  ‘Game plans’ for utilizing each player’s strength and optimizing your team’s performance
    • Soft and/or technical skill assessment
    • Support by identifying missing roles, processes, activities
    • Customized competency models
    • Recruiting and retention strategies with tactical processes/tools for execution
    • Team building games and activities

    The COACHES Corner

    Create a culture of coaching

    Every player needs a coach. The truism “a chain is no stronger than its weakest link” is just one reason why we help you expand the trend in Executive Coaching beyond the c-suite.

    Ask nearly anyone; the annual performance review is reviled at all levels. Managers dread writing and delivering it. Individuals dread receiving it and anguish over every detail. Reviewing performance and receiving feedback, however, is essential to achieving excellence. Transform that dreaded activity into a rewarding way to work.

    Creating a culture of coaching is a critical characteristic of high-performing, self-organizing teams. While the professional coaching field is relatively new, the accumulating research* validates its long-term benefits.

    * A few of the independent organizations researching the ROI of coaching and a coaching culture are:

    The Institute of Coaching
    Institute of Management and Leadership
    Coaching Federation

    The CULTURE Converter

    Understand. Align. Maximize.

    The foundation of it all is your culture. We don’t believe in ‘changing’ your culture. Instead, we spend time understanding your culture, then help you evolve by maximizing your strengths and managing any risk areas. Our work here draws on current thought leadership in organizational development, and is largely based on Tribal Leadership.

    The tools we employ include:

    • Learning how you are known
    • Drill down values exercise
    • Embedded stories practice
    • The Cultural Map
    • The Structural Map
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